Covid Test Kit(Saliva & Nasal)

Covid Test Kit

Oxi Meter

K20S Button 5UV Blue light

Infrared Thermometer

Non-Contact Digital

Gel Hand Sanitizer 500ml

Fogging Sanitizer (Liquid)

Fogging Machine

Face Shield with Sponge

Face Shield with Spectacles

ICU Graded Medical Coverall Jumpsuit with Blue Strip

Disposable Face mask KN95

Black KN95

Medical Coverall Jumpsuit Plain

Hard Acrylic Face Shieled Kids Disposable

Medical Goggles

Safety Goggles

Bouffant Clip Cap

Medical Round Cap

Doctor Use Surgical Cap

Medical Gown Disposable Non-Woven PP/PE

Medical Gown Disposable Non-Coated PP

Medical CPE Gown Disposable Thump Hook

PE Boot Cover Disposable

Boot Cover Disposable Non – Woven

Anti-Slip Shoe Cover Disposable

Waterproof Anti-Slip Shoe Cover

Disposable Non-Woven Hood Cover

Disposable Fluid Repellent Coverall

Reusable Coverall

Disposable Non-Woven Bed Sheet Cover

Disposable Non - woven Bed Sheet Cover

Disposable Non - woven Pillow Cover