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Submission of NCNDA, LOI & BCL


The Buyer shall execute the Non-Circumvention, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) followed by the Letter of Intent (LOI) & Bank Comfort Letter (BCL) and supported by Customer Information Sheet (CIS); the LOI shall be attached with company registration documents and Passport Copy/NRIC of the signatory; and the Letter of Attestation (LOA) shall be further comfort from the appointed law firm hired by the buyer.

The LOI and BCL must be issued on the same date before we submit to relevant Manufacturer(s) or the Main Seller(s) by JUST GLOVE PLT.


On the issuance of the SCO/FCO

The Seller shall issue either the Soft Corporate Offer (SCO) or Full Corporate Offer (FCO) based on the information provided the buyer. The Seller shall make confirmation of the price upon execution of the relevant documents and its timeline and delivery schedule confirmed by the Seller and the buyer.

Issuance of SCO / FCO

Buyer shall issue ICPO


Return of FCO from buyer supported with ICPO
The Buyer shall issue Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) to the seller upon returning of FCO. The ICPO must stipulated with specific details of the order such as gloves specification of sizes and quantity, breakdown of the duration of the delivery schedule, delivery method and relevant specification therein. (The Draft of Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) shall be attached with FCO for the buyer’s review and amendments.)

Draft of SPA to the Buyer


Upon receiving the SPA the Buyer and the Seller shall finalise the statue of the SPA to be executed and signed by both parties and it shall be supported with Proforma invoice (PI); there after the completion of documents shall be executed with terms and conditions therein.

Upon executing the SPA

The Buyer shall procced


The payment terms shall be agree by the parties (L/C, TT, ESCROW)
The Buyer shall procced to open the payment terms to be agreed by the Seller (example: Letter of Credit (LC) which has been agreed by the Seller); the ICPO shall stipulated the terms of LC by way of confirmation to be delivered to the Seller's receiving bank by either by any agreed Instruments receiving and issuing bank(s). The terms of the LC shall be verified by the Seller's bank with the Buyer's bank.

The Buyer shall appoint


The Buyer shall appoint the relevant party such as SGS to do the inspection of quality and quantity on the Proof of Product (POP). Upon SGS report the execution of the payment terms shall take place.

Quality and Quantity



The release of payment terms shall be based on terms and conditions stipulated in the SPA therein agreed by the parties and the commission shall be paid based on supporting document of Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA) attached therein.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our service is to bring the buyer and the seller together and we shall be commissioned by the Seller or the Buyer. Below is the Frequently Asked Questions. For further clarification, please drop us an email which provided at our contact column.

  • Who Are We

    We are the trusted Intermediary party who has genuine contact with the Manufacturer(s), Seller(s) and Reseller(s) worldwide;

    A. The NCNDA shall be mutual documents signed between the Seller and/or the Buyer on separate occasion. The NCNDA shall not follow the ICC documents unless the parties are registered with (any) International bodies or organisations. We shall follow the Standard Arbitration Act of Singapore and/or Malaysia in following of this NCNDA.

    B. NCNDA and LOI shall be undersigned by same authorized person from the buyer’s Company when executing any documents provided thereof. Execution of documents shall be issued and/or submitted within 48 hours to 72 hours as requested. The timeframe is set to meet the requirements of the parties to be more efficient is accordance to the request set by the Seller.

    C. Additionally, the LOI shall contain information as follows to fulfil the requirement as mentioned below;
    i. Proper Delivery address;
    ii. Introduction;
    iii. Quantity;
    iv. Specification of the product details; and
    v. Targeted price.

    D. The BCL/POF MUST show availability of funds to meet the requirements of the Seller to reserve the allotment and/or slot for production and to meet the product cost, quantity and commissioning.

    E. To proceed further, the authentication of BCL shall be verified and confirmed by the Seller’s Banker. Upon confirmation by the Seller’s Banker, the Seller shall forward the SCO/FCO documents to the buyer to proceed further.

    F. We require all terms and conditions mentioned herein to be a valid procedure to fulfil the task and to complete the closure of transactions. As the appointed Intermediary for the both side between the Seller and the Buyer, we are looking forward to build our trust in business-like manner in completing our task given by parties.

  • The business is safe for both buyers and sellers, the payment directed to the factory, or with payment term L/C or ESCROW.

  • The nitrile gloves are produced in reputable companies in Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam with different brands.

  • Our team declares that we will keep to our business ethics (be true, loyal, uphold the terms and conditions)