We are the PPE intermediary/distributor for Nitrile and Latex gloves traders whom, connected with different manufacturers and/or distributors, offering the product information to the buyers. We help genuine buyers to find the product to save time and cost. We get commission from the buyers or seller, whereby we shall be following all the legal procedures and keeping the seller’s and/or buyer’s transaction in a safe manner.

Seller and buyer Intermediary

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for gloves has increased tremendously worldwide. However, the production capacity of global manufacturing of glove is limited due to high demand. This has made it difficult to purchase this product. We also deal with quite a number of small and medium manufacturers with good quality production. Being a Malaysian company we’re able to fulfil the buyer’s need and generally we do have reliable relationship with various suppliers, which enable us to source the needs of the buyers legally and professionally.

*Our teams commitment is the bridge in achieving the goal and accomplishment to drive our customers to a safest business closures.* *Our Commitment Is The Bridge to Successful Transaction.* *Together We Stand to Achieves our Goal.*